The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in Taiwan is coordinated by the Ministry of Education and the National Science Council (NSC), and undertaken by the National University of Tainan. 
Over the years, National University of Tainan has been paid much attention to the field of teacher education and academic enhancement. Not only equips the National University of Tainan wealth human resources, advanced facilities and abundant cross-domain researches, but also provides it panorama perception of education development.

PISA Taiwan National Center is the dedicated office and corresponding window for PISA project. The National Center was established in September 2007, and it had successfully accomplished every task in PISA 2009.  The team members who are responsible for man-power deployment, tasks execution, negotiations, data management and assessment arrangement, include full-time assistants, a Post Dr. and PhD students of Graduate Institute of Measurement and Statistics.

Based on above-mentioned, the National Center has a significant effect on processing the project. Also PISA Taiwan National Center has established a reciprocal cooperation model among Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Shanghai for learned exchange.