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Q : How many students in each school will attend the test? How are they elected?

A : Our research center (PISA Taiwan National Center) uses the proportional sampling method to elect the attended schools.  The elected schools have to provide us the list of students who are aged 15.  Then, about 40 students each school will be elected randomly to attend the test.

Q : How will those elected students be informed to attend the test?

A : The elected students will receive a test invitation and a parental consent sheet about 2-3 weeks before the test date.

Q : What if any elected student reject to attend the test? Will it need to do the re-sampling from other students?

A : We will not do any re-sampling from other students to replace the students who can not attend the test.  However, in the test date, if any elected student absent from the test and cause the result of the participation rate lower than the specified standard, our research center will consult with school for holding another follow-up session. The follow-up session will be held within one week.

Q : Who will be in charge of the proceeding of the test?

A : Our research center will designate test administrators leave for school to precede the test.  Meanwhile, every participated school will appoint a school coordinator who is responsible for the connection with our research center.

Q : Do Reading Test, Math Test and Science Test need to hold separately?  How much time does it take for each test?

A : It takes 2 hours to finish a test booklet ( including: Reading Test, Math Test and Science Test). Besides, after the test, students are required to finish the questionnaire. And it takes 30 minutes for student to finish a questionnaire. According to our previously experience, it takes 3 hours to complete the overall tests.

Q : Can schools, parents or students obtain the test result of individual student?

A : PISA test result is used only for the purpose of research. Student’s test score and questionnaire (included student, school and parents questionnaire) will be kept in secretly. However, our research center will provide every school an individual school report which summarizing the attended students’ scores and background information for reference after we finish the analysis.