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First Year
Month Conferences & Training Main Tasks
  January REG/ MEG  Assign NPM, establish PISA National Centre (NC) and staff list
  February Test item developers meetings Preparation for item development
  March NPM  Item submission from countries
  April PGB NPM manual
  May   Item bundle review
  June REG/TAG  Item submission by 31, May
  July   Item bundle review
  August QEG  The 2nd NPM Meeting Preparation
  September NPM  Submit translation plan, Confirm MAS negotiation schedule
  October 30th PGB  Field Trial Preparation
  November   Field Trial sampling plans preparation
  December   Translation of international source versions of test and questionnaire into national language, Confirm translation plan
Second year
Month Conferences & Training Main Tasks
  January   Field Trial Prepartion
  February   Organise staff to attend Coder Training
  March Field Trial Coder Training Print testing materials
  April   Field Trial testing period
  May TAG Meeting Submit Field Trial materials, Submit sampling reports
  June   Main Survey sampling plans preparation
  July   Dodgy Items discussion
  August QEG Meeting Main Survey link items review
  September REG/SEG/MEG Experts Meeting Select items for Main Survey
  October NPM & TAG Meeting Confirm MS translation plan, sampling plan, Main Survey schedule
  November 31st PGB Meeting Print SC manual and TA manual
  December   Confirm Main Survey materials final source of version
Third year
Month Conferences & Training Main Tasks
  January   Organise staff to attend Coder Training, Invite schools to participate testing
  February Main Survey Coder Training Printing testing materials、Sampling Preparation、Recruit and train Test Administrators
  March 32nd PGB Meeting Main Survey testing period
  April   Submit Main Survey materials
  May   Submit Main Survey sampling validity reports
  July   Main Survey data submission and cleaning
  August   Submit Main Survey Review
  September MEG/PEG/QEG Meeting Archive Main Survey materials
  October 33rd PGB Meeting  
  December NPM & TAG Meeting  
Forth year
Month Conferences & Training Main Tasks
  January PISA next cycle Preparation
  March REG/SEG/MEG Meeting Submit new items
  May   Dispatch of draft international database
  June   Item Review
  July   Draft of international report for review
  September   Field Trial Sampling Preparation
  October 34th PGB Meeting Final version of international database released
  December   Publications for PISA 2012 International Report, PISA 2012 Technical Report